Perspectives Newsletter

In addition to providing our plan sponsor clients with one on one advising and plan participant education sessions, we distribute a quarterly retirement plan perspectives newsletter. In each issue, we provide commentary relating to the markets and financial industry along with a quarterly performance table for their portfolio. Please note that the tables shared with you here, show model portfolio quarterly performance only.

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Perspectives For Retirement Plans Q1 2017

The stock market had a solid end to what had been a choppy year. U.S. Equities, as represented by the S&P 500, were up 3.82% for the fourth quarter and 11.96% for the year including dividends.

Perspectives For Retirement Plans Q4 2016

The past quarter felt a lot worse than the numbers reflect, due to the uncertainty from the Brexit vote and the upcoming US Presidential election. Stocks bottomed shortly after the Brexit vote and rebounded nicely during the third quarter.

Perspectives For Retirement Plans Q3 2016

There is no shortage of advice for retirement planning. Despite that, many make big mistakes that have a permanent nancial impact on their retirement. Read our latest newsletter for four common mistakes to avoid.

Perspectives For Retirement Plans Q2 2016

For better or worse the first quarter of 2016 is in the books. The returns of the quarter were a wild ride, with one of the worst starts for the equity markets in decades.

Perspectives For Retirement Plans Q1 2016

Despite a decent fourth quarter, equity markets had a volatile year in 2015. U.S. and global equities finished the quarter with small gains when adding in dividends, but at the cost of a lot of up and down movement.