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Perspectives For Retirement Plans Q4 2016



For you and your plan participants: Q4 2016 Perspectives Newsletter for Retirement Plans.

What Happened In The Third Quarter?

The past quarter felt a lot worse than the numbers reflect, due to the uncertainty from the Brexit vote and the upcoming US Presidential election. Stocks bottomed shortly after the Brexit vote and rebounded nicely during the third quarter. Non-US stocks improved, led by emerging markets, and high yield bonds added another strong quarter.

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Impact Of 2016 Elections On Financial Markets
With the US elections around the corner, many investors are wondering how the outcome might impact the stock market. A major change is always unsettling, and this highly charged contest has raised concerns about significant drops in the market.
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2016 Q3 Model Portfolio Quarterly Performance

A quarterly performance update for Rafalko Advisors’ model portfolios.

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